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Septic/Holding Tank Cleaning

We do the dirty job, so you don’t have to. Professional tank cleaning services for residential, commercial, oilfield, acreage and farm. Our experienced staff can visually inspect your concrete or fiberglass tanks.

Septic tank underground waste treatment system

Drain Cleaning

1 ½” to 10” drains in all commercial, industrial, rural, and residential areas. With 3 different sizes of cleaning machines and a sewer jetting machine, we will be able to clear any drain, from your kitchen sink to a town main. Plus we have a sewer jetting machine that uses water and a camera that allows us to make sure the line has completely been cleaned out.

Standard and Elite Porta Potty Rentals

Whether you need your standard porta potty or looking for the elite model with heat, air conditioning and running water we have what you are looking for. Make your next project easy with delivery, clean out and pick up of porta potties for weddings, special events, oilfields & construction sites.
Royal flush portapotty
Royal Flush Cistern photo

Cistern Cleaning

Did you know that you should clean your cistern out once a year to remove sludge and sediment buildup? Overland flooding can result in contaminants in your cistern such as rodents or outside water. Keep your household water top quality by keeping your Cistern maintenance regular.

Hydro Vac Services

Residential, Commercial and oilfield Hydro Vac Services. With a hydro-vac, you disturb less ground making it perfect for backyard work like building a fence or even putting sprinklers in.

  • Tank Cleaning
  • Combo Unit
  • Steaming
  • Washing
  • Straight Vac
Garden irrigation system watering lawn. watering the lawn in the hot summer. Lawn sprinkler spaying water over green grass. Irrigation system. Automatic watering lawns. Gardening.
Frozen Lines

Mobile Steamer Services

If it’s frozen we can thaw it. Septic Tank thawing, clear ice blockage from lines. Heck, we are even your mobile hot water washing unit. After the winter wash the exterior of your house, your wife will thank you!

Dirt Work and Snow Removal

Dirt Work and Snow Removal for residential, commercial, oilfield and ag! Royal Flush isn’t all about the septic. We offer many other services when it comes to moving dirt and snow!

  • Dirt Work
  • Back Hoe
  • Dump Truck
  • Skid Steer
  • Ice Sander
shop pits
car wash

Carwash Sumps & Shop Pits

Be proactive rather than waiting till your space is flooded and your car wash and shop bay pits are cleaned out on a regular basis.

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